TIKTOK FAME Meredith Duxbury claps back at haters of her bold foundation technique

Meredith Duxbury is a famous TikToker with over 17 million followers known for her excessive full-coverage foundation technique. 

She has faced criticism for her makeup routine but chooses to focus on the positive and inspire people. 

Meredith wants to be a role model for younger girls and encourages them to ignore negativity and be happy with themselves. 

In her view, makeup is not just a way to cover up flaws or conform to beauty standards, but a form of art that can be playful, experimental, and even transformative.  

Her own bold foundation technique, which involves applying an excessive amount of product for full coverage, is a perfect example of her belief in breaking boundaries 

Meredith recently became the ambassador for e.l.f. Cosmetics' O Face Satin Lipstick collection and pushed herself out of her comfort zone during the campaign. 

She encourages people who want to make content but are scared of criticism to go for it because it can help them grow and become more confident.