Unleashing the Fury: The Most Brutal knockouts in MMA History : Is Jon Jones in the list?

By  Surya  Tewary                           

Henderson vs. Bisping

Henderson's brutal knockout of Bisping is a defining moment in UFC history, with Bisping knocked unconscious and Henderson landing an additional punch. 

Irvin vs. Martin

James Irvin's knockout of Terry Martin with a flying knee is another memorable moment in UFC history. Martin was knocked out cold  

Abbott vs. Matua

David Abbott's knockout of John Matua with a punch is widely regarded as one of the most devastating knockouts in UFC history 

Gonzaga vs. Filipović

Gonzaga's head kick knockout of Filipović is iconic and established him as a top athlete in UFC, showcasing his impressive striking skills. 

Gono vs. Hornbuckle

Dan Hornbuckle's spectacular knockout of Akihiro Gono with a thunderous head kick is a moment that will forever be etched in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) history. 

Vovchanchyn vs. Bueno

Igor Vovchanchyn delivered a decisive knockout victory over Francisco Bueno with a flurry of punches at Pride 8 in November 1999.

Franklin vs. Quarry

Rich Franklin's single punch knockout of Nate Quarry the crowd erupted in cheers as Quarry hit the canvas 

Credit; Getty Images

Silva vs. Jackson II

Wanderlei Silva emerged victorious in his rematch against Quinton Jackson II at Pride 28, on October 2004, with a stunning knockout via knees.

Barboza vs. Etim

Barboza's spinning wheel kick that knocked out Etim is a spectacular and unforgettable moment in UFC history. 

Credit; Getty Images via Zuffa LLC