Superenalotto jackpot 

February 19, 2023

Record 371-million-euro Superenalotto jackpot won  


The Superenalotto lottery in Italy has set a new record with a jackpot prize of 371 million euros or 395 million dollars. 

The winning ticket belonged to a private association with 90 members who each paid 5 euros to participate in the lottery. 

The group submitted several entries with different numbers, but it was the one with six matching numbers that won the jackpot. 

The jackpot-winning numbers had not been drawn for 635 days, making this win a long-awaited event for lottery players. 

The group of 90 lucky winners will each receive a share of the jackpot prize, which amounts to over four million euros per winner. 

Superenalotto,Game   participants are required to correctly predict a set of six numbers within the range of one to 90 in order to be eligible for a prize. 

The El Gordo lottery in Spain holds the title for Europe's biggest lottery in terms of prize money, with over two billion euros in total prize pool 

The world record for the largest lottery jackpot to date is held by the US state of California's "Powerball" draw, with a prize of $2.04 billion .