From Scientific Studies: The Most Torturous Methods of Death know to mankind  Last one Will Shock you

By Surya Tewary

Death is a frightening prospect because no one can truly tell us what the experience is like, including those who have supposedly come back from death.

Although scientists have identified the most excruciating methods, pain is subjective and individual experiences may vary.

The Atlantic notes that while most deaths are painless due to the unconscious state during active dying, there are some painful ways to die.



As stated by the Death Penalty Information Center, is a horrific method of death that causes muscle seizures and can result in fractures due to the high voltage.

Sudden Decompression 


Dying from decompression sickness can be excruciatingly painful, but it is unlikely to be experienced by most of us as we tend to avoid deep water.

Burning to Death


"Burning to death" is among the most painful ways to die, with the sensation of even a small burn multiplied over the whole body.

Radiation Sickness


Gamma radiation causes ARS, damaging tissue and genetic material, leading to bone marrow damage, dehydration, and circulatory system failure.

Chlorine trifluoride exposure


lF3 exposure causes severe pain and painful necrotic lesions. It turns bones to gelatin and has been banned worldwide for decades.



Hyperventilation in water can cause breathing in water, leading to a painful vocal cord spasm. Water in the lungs causes searing pain lasting beyond the water exposure.



Crucifixion is a painful and prolonged form of execution where the victim is nailed or tied to a cross and left to die of asphyxiation, exhaustion, or shock.