Decoding “ChatGPT” Most Powerful Tool by OpenAI : Rival or Ally for Google in 2023?

Will AI Hack our system

“ChatGPT” The Future of Internet Searches? Have you ever though what will be beyond the google searches? Despite the fact that no search engine has been able to rival Google thus far, nor is one likely to emerge in the near future, Now you have a tool in front of you that does not confuse … Read more

The Fact Check Explorer Vs. Fact Check Markup Tool 2023

Fact check by using google

Google Fact Check Tools: How to Use Them Effectively The Fact Check Tools comprise two tools: the Fact Check Explorer (FCE) and the Fact Check Markup Tool (FCMT). Both of these tools are designed to make the work of fact-checkers, journalists, and researchers easier. [ez-toc] How does FCE help? This tool enables users to quickly … Read more

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