San Antonio LDS Temple: Planning Spiritual Visit this 2023? Things you need to know

The San Antonio LDS Temple-The House of the Lord is truly an incredible sight to behold! Built in 2005, this gorgeous structure stands majestically overlooking the city of San Antonio and serves as a symbol of its strong spiritual heritage.

LDS Temple in San Antonio: A Beautiful, Peaceful Place to Visit

The LDS Temple in San Antonio is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit. The exquisite architecture of the temple, with its stark white stone against a rich blue sky is breathtaking, and the meticulously constructed gardens are full of color and buzzing life. Inside, visitors are enveloped in a calm atmosphere of peace and spirituality.

Walking through the spacious grounds feels almost like walking through history itself – you can imagine yourself hundreds of years ago in an ancient spiritual tradition. As your visit comes to an end, you leave feeling refreshed and at peace. No wonder it’s one of San Antonio’s star attractions – it’s truly a hidden gem!

Significance of the San Antonio LDS Temple

The LDS Temple in San Antonio is a majestic landmark that stands proudly and boldly in the heart of this vibrant, beautiful city. It represents an important part of the rich cultural heritage of Texas and serves as a reminder of faith and dedication for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This temple is especially significant since it was the first one ever built in the state!

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The temple functions as a beacon of hope, reminding us that our faith can bring peace and strength. The temple also offers a sacred place for members to participate in vital religious ordinances such as baptism for the dead and sealing families together for eternity.

The Architecture

The spire towers of San Antonio’s Temple stands as a testament to our commitment to God’s sacred commandments. LDS Temples serves as an enduring reminder that each life is part of something bigger than ourselves –- that there is beauty and power within unity. For these reasons and more, the LDS Temple is an incredible blessing to so many people who call San Antonio home.

As visitors drive by or walk by the grandiose structure, they feel both inspired and awed by its impressive architecture, lush landscaping, and inviting atmosphere. It has become a symbol of hope and spiritual renewal for many who honor its importance to this great city.

Its presence radiates with warmth and comfort when worshipping inside its walls, making it truly cherished not only by believers but also by all who come in contact with it.

Temples of Texas

List of LDS Temple in TexasCurrent Progress
Austin Texas TempleAnnounced
Dallas Texas TempleOctober 19, 1984
Fort Worth Texas TempleAnnounced
Houston Texas TempleAugust 26, 2000
Lubbock Texas TempleApril 21, 2002
McAllen Texas TempleUnder Construction
Prosper Texas TempleAnnounced
San Antonio Texas TempleMay 22, 2005

Services Available at San Antonio LDS Temple


Clothing rental availableNo
Cafeteria food servedNo
Patron housing availableNo
Distribution center nearby Yes


What is the oldest LDS temple in the world?

The St. George Utah Temple was announced in 1871, dedicated in 1877, and is one of the oldest temples in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Logan Utah Temple and the Manti Utah Temple were both dedicated to the public in 1884.

How big is the San Antonio LDS temple?

The temple is located on a site of 5.5 acres (2.2 hectares) and is finished with granite. It features a single attached spire with an angel Moroni statue and has ordinance rooms including two-stage progressive instruction rooms, two sealing rooms, and one baptistry. The total floor area is 16,800 square feet (1,561 square meters)

When was San Antonio LDS Temples Opened?

It was Dedicated to the Public on 22 May 2005 by Gordon B. Hinckley

How many members are in San Antonio?

According to the official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the reported membership for the San Antonio Texas Temple district, which covers several counties in south-central Texas, was 45,161 as of December 31, 2020.

What is the busiest LDS temple in the world?

The Jordan River Utah Temple is the busiest temple in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a well-known and frequently visited destination for thousands of members, the temple provides recharging spiritual experiences for countless people from all over the world. Featuring ornate architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds, visitors can expect to find more than just breathtaking views – they’ll also discover peace and tranquility if they stay long enough.

What is the largest LDS temple in the world?

The Salt Lake Temple is the largest LDS (Latter-day Saints) temple in the world with 5 instruction rooms, 23 sealing rooms, 2 baptism rooms, and a square footage of 4,03,000. The temple sits on 10 acres.

When was the Columbia South Carolina Temple built?

The Columbia South Carolina Temple held a groundbreaking ceremony on December 5, 1998, and was later opened for public tours before its dedication. Approximately 20,000 individuals took part in the tour. On October 15-16, 1999, LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the temple.

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