Meet Greta Ray: The Multi-Talented Italian Sensation

Greta Ray, La Sensazione Italiana Multitalento

Greta Ray, also known as Greta Giussani, is a young and talented Italian singer, actress, model, and author. Born in Como on April 23, 1999, Greta began indulging in her passions at a very young age, and her talent soon caught the attention of many.

Personal Information

NameGreta Ray
Date of BirthApril 23, 1999
OccupationSinger, Actress, Model, Author
EducationIstituto Modigliani Giussano, High School Diploma (Grafica computerizzata)
Marital StatusSingle

Early Career and Achievements

At the age of four, Greta ray did her first photo shoot for an advertisement for Famiglia Cristiana. She then went on to pursue her talents further and participated in the prestigious “Fashion Week” in Milan for “Terranova” and “Chiara Boni” at the age of sixteen.

Greta Ray’s artistic qualities did not stop there. In 2016, at the age of seventeen, she won the national competition “Bravissima,” conducted by Valerio Mercola. In the same year, she won the “Sanremo Music Awards” singing contest as the best female voice.

Musical Success

Greta’s career continued to flourish, and she performed with some of the biggest names in Italian music at various summer contests. In the years 2018/2019, she participated in the “Radiostop Festival,” the “Festival Show,” and the “Incanto Summer Festival,” performing in front of over 25,000 people.

Songwriting and Modeling

Apart from her singing career, Greta also began devoting herself to songwriting, focusing on writing lyrics, with numerous unpublished works to her credit. She also became the world image of “Dreamland Make Up Milano” and “Just Italy,” as well as the protagonist of numerous national and international magazine covers, including “Break Magazine,” “Venus Gallery,” “Best International,” and “Exitò Magazine.”

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Brand Ambassador and Acting Career

Greta’s talents were not limited to just singing and modeling. In 2019, she participated in the third season of the Disney series “Penny on M.A.R.S.” and subsequently acted in the movie “The Tape” for Netflix. Greta also became the brand ambassador of the “PS Made in Tuscany” shoes brand and “Alys Jewels” in the same year.

2015First modeling appearance at “Fashion Week” in Milan for “Terranova” and “Chiara Boni”
2016Won national competition “Bravissima,” conducted by Valerio Merola
2016Won “Sanremo Music Awards” singing contest for best female voice
2018-2019Performed in summer contests with over 25,000 people, such as the “Radiostop Festival,” “Festival Show,” and “Incanto Summer Festival”
2019Special guest at “Milan Design Week” for the “Golston Jewelry” brand
2019Became brand ambassador for “PS Made in Tuscany” shoes and “Alys Jewels”
2019Appeared in the third season of the Disney series “Penny on M.A.R.S.”
2019Appeared in the Netflix movie “The Tape”
2021Appeared in the Sky series “Impero”

Greta’s journey to success continued in 2021 when she participated in the Sky series “Impero.” With her exceptional talent and hard work, Greta Ray has become a multi-talented Italian sensation, and her future in the industry looks very promising.

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