Ancient Greece: Fascinating history of this ancient civilization!

The Ancient Greek civilization was one of the most powerful and influential in history. From its democracy, detailed philosophy, and advanced engineering to its wondrous architecture, art, and literature, Ancient Greece left an indelible mark on the world – a mark that is still felt today.

Remarkably, though their achievements are well-known and acclaimed, there are many mind-blowing facts about this incredible culture that even those with deep knowledge of ancient times may not know.

The ancient Greeks living standards

For example, did you know that the Olympics were held in Athens as early as 776 BC? Also, notable Ancient Greeks such as Plato predicted mathematical phenomena such as the Pythagorean Theorem centuries before they were discovered! 

And even more incredible is that plays written by Sophocles and Euripides continue to be performed theatrically over 2,000 years after they were composed! This bewitching tale of ingenuity serves as a testament to the power of Greek ingenuity, creativity, and tenacity; a story that will live on forever.

In fact, Euclid’s textbook Elements laid the groundwork for modern geometry and was used for centuries throughout antiquity.

Furthermore, Ancient Greek culture had a huge influence on sculpture and art throughout Europe; many of their sculptures, pottery designs, and monuments can still be seen today.

The Fall of Greek Civilization……

The decline of Ancient Greece was a gradual process that was caused by a variety of factors. These included political instability, economic decline, and military defeats. Additionally, the rise of new civilizations and the spread of Christianity had a significant impact on the decline of these two great empires.

The political instability of Ancient Greece was a major factor in its decline. In Greece, the city-states were constantly at war with each other, leading to a weakened political system. I

Economic decline was another major factor in the decline of Ancient Greece.  In Greece, the economy was based on agriculture, which was vulnerable to drought and other natural disasters. 

The warriors of Greece and Spartans

Military defeats were also a major factor in the decline of Ancient Greece, the Peloponnesian War resulted in the destruction of the Athenian Empire. These defeats weakened the military power of empires and made them vulnerable to outside forces.

The rise of new civilizations and the spread of Christianity also had a significant impact on the decline of Ancient Greece. The rise of the Persian Empire and the spread of Christianity weakened the traditional religions.

Finally, democracy, as we know it today, originated in Athens; citizens were able to vote – not just male citizens -and contribute their two cents worth even back then!

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