The Fact Check Explorer Vs. Fact Check Markup Tool 2023

Google Fact Check Tools: How to Use Them Effectively

The Fact Check Tools comprise two tools: the Fact Check Explorer (FCE) and the Fact Check Markup Tool (FCMT). Both of these tools are designed to make the work of fact-checkers, journalists, and researchers easier.


How does FCE help?

This tool enables users to quickly and easily browse and search for fact checks. For instance, you can search for a political statement or a particular topic. You can also filter results to a specific publisher.

How we can use it?

You can search by keywords and view a list of related claims and the associated fact checks. This allows you to quickly and accurately verify the accuracy of statements and topics.

Fact Check Explorer to check the fake news


Keywords can range from specific topics to full political quotations. Essentially, anything you would type into a regular Google search bar can be used as a keyword. By utilizing keywords, you can easily locate the information you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Fact Check Explorer to check the fake news

How does FCMT help?

The objective of this FCMT is to work on the method involved with making ClaimReview and MediaReview markup by giving a clear web structure that requires no extra satisfaction to be added to the article.

MediaReview markup in Google is an important tool for professionals looking to maximize their online visibility. It allows the use of rich snippets and can increase a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The device likewise permits the author and contributor to add MediaReview markup.

How we can use it?

First, contact your webmaster to determine if your site is already on Search Console. If not, ask your webmaster to add you as a user to the site, either as a restricted or full user.

Markup tool and its use on fake news

It is important to note that access is granted to sites exactly as they are specified in Search Console.

Fact checker usage on fake and false news

For example, if Search Console has two entries for a site via the FCMT  then you need to be added to both if you want to create a markup for both sites

Review claim on fact checker tool


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