Elvis Presley can’t help falling in love ! Priscilla’s Nightmare or Juicy Tales

Elvis Presley can’t help falling in love?

Elvis Presley can’t help falling in love seems to be sound witty : Get ready to rock and roll because Priscilla is spilling the beans about her relationship with the king himself, Elvis Presley! She opens up about how they first met, their whirlwind romance, and the ups and downs of their marriage.

But hold on tight because things get rocky as she dishes on the factors that led to their eventual divorce. You’ll want to grab some tissues as Priscilla gets real about the heartbreak and struggles they faced as a couple.

Elvis and Me” is the ultimate backstage pass to the life and love of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Written in 1985 by the one and only Priscilla Presley alongside Sandra Harmon, this explosive biography delves deep into the couple’s relationship, marriage, and ultimate demise.

Speaking about the Moments : Nights weren’t that cozy

Priscilla’s juicy tales about her nights with Elvis will have you on the edge of your seat. According to the book, their physical intimacy didn’t go beyond kissing and petting. Elvis was a true gentleman and always put a stop to any steamy encounters before things got too heated.

But don’t be fooled, dear readers. Elvis was a man with a mission. He was determined to stay pure and focused on his goals, and he didn’t want to betray Priscilla’s trust. He told her that they had to wait until they were married before getting down and dirty. Talk about self-control!

However, that doesn’t mean the two of them didn’t have some steamy moments. Elvis was a passionate man, and Priscilla was eager to please him.

They may not have consummated their love in the traditional sense, but they sure found other ways to satisfy each other’s needs. Let’s just say they created some unforgettable and wild times together. Ooh la la!

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Story Behind the Elvis Presley’s suspicious minds 

Priscilla’s reveals how her relationship with Elvis was constantly threatened by other women, particularly Ann-Margret, with whom Elvis starred in Viva Las Vegas.

  • Despite his denials, Ann-Margret announced their engagement to the press while Priscilla was visiting him in Los Angeles, causing Elvis to send her back to Memphis until the scandal subsided.
  • Priscilla was outraged and hurled a vase across the room, but she still went back to Graceland to please him. However, her suspicions of other women didn’t subside. She even went as far as changing her appearance to imitate the other woman in hopes of pleasing Elvis.

In her 2005 documentary, Elvis by the Presleys, she admitted that Elvis had affairs with other women during their marriage. It seems like Priscilla had good reason to be suspicious and that Elvis was not entirely faithful.

Elvis Presley ultimately changed his mind, and Priscilla willingly stayed, but years later, she realized that his tactics were part of a need to control her.

Whenever she confronted Elvis about her suspicions, he would threaten to send her home to her parents, and even in one instance during a confrontation over Shelley Fabares, he told her to get out with her bags packed and a chauffeur waiting to take her to the airport.

How did the relationship come to the end ?

Elvis Presley’s return to live performances brought a glimmer of hope to his struggling marriage with Priscilla, but it was short-lived.

The demands of touring and regular appearances in Las Vegas only added to their problems, as Elvis was often away from his family and prone to infidelity. Priscilla’s anxieties grew worse when she discovered letters from other women in their Palm Springs home.

The once passionate and intense relationship between Elvis and Priscilla had become irreparable by 1972, as both admitted to having affairs outside their marriage.

  • The final straw was Elvis forcing himself on Priscilla, possibly due to jealousy over her affair with her karate instructor Mike Stone. Elvis’s erratic behavior during this time even led him to consider hiring a hitman to kill Stone.
  • The couple separated on February 23, 1972, and divorced amicably on October 9, 1973, agreeing to share custody of their daughter.
  • Despite their separation, Priscilla was still devastated by Elvis’s physical appearance during his televised special, Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii in January 1973. His hands were swollen and unrecognizable to her when she held them.

Less than four years later, Elvis tragically passed away. His father Vernon made the decision to re-bury Elvis’s body in order to prevent any grave robbery attempts. The end of their tumultuous relationship left Priscilla with a deep sense of sadness and loss, as she mourned the death of a man who had once been the love of her life.

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